Cleyhill Stompers









The Players




Our larger than life front man, he can grab an audience and hold them (literally, he’s that big!)

A man who loves to perform on the big stage or even on a small stage …. or possibly even on a street corner. Always ready to entertain when the spotlights are turned on.

(often keeps going when they’ve been turned off)

The well known Panto Dame from Chapmanslade who has also appeared in panto at the Merlin and Memorial Theatres in Frome.

BUDGIE BREWER - Rhythm Guitar


Musical director, arranger, inspiration to us all. This man has more talent in his left thumb than in the rest of us put together. Unfortunately he doesn’t use it when playing his guitar so it’s totally wasted. (He might as well stick it up his arse and whistle Dixie ….. now there’s a thought, hey Budgie – an addition to our repertoire)

Forged in the pubs and folk clubs of Bradford on Avon he became infamous as the eponymous front man of Budgie and The Tits. His composition “ The Gold and Black”, anthem of Trowbridge Town FC brought a tear to many an eye (although that could have been the way Trowbridge played)

KEN DAVIES - Saxaphone


Although the skiffle band morphed into a Rock 'n Roll band fairly quickly, Ken, having been persuaded to buy a washboard still insists on playing it occasionally. He has now taken up the saxophone. He's got as far as putting it in his mouth and making sounds, some of which are in tune and in time.

Ken was perfect because he also held the keys and the booking diary to the village hall so, as long as he could remember when it wasn’t being used, the band could rehearse there. AND he had a camper that could be used as a tour bus.



It took a while to find someone to replace Simon and his mandolin but we’ve done it.

Pete will tackle anything Budgie throws at him, including the intro to Jonny B Goode, and his riffs are recognisable most of the time.

Lives in Dilton Marsh but we don’t hold that against him and has many years experience with local bands.

Fits in well with the Stompers image, i.e. can get on stage without help and can stand unaided for a full 2 hour set.

He brings a bit of quality to the backing vocals which is a bonus in itself.

HARRY STAMPER (AKA Charlie Hadfield)  - Bass Guitar


Joined us when Andy started Stone walling ..... that's building stone walls not refusing to answer questions. 

Born in Manchester and ended up in Midsomer Norton via Canada and Paulton ...... Oasis loss is our gain!

Like all bass players he likes to feel the stage vibrating from his amp. Unlike a lot of bass players he can multitask! He can move his body and play at the same time. In fact I've had to move off the stage to give him room to strut his stuff.



Impressed everyone at his audition by picking up the drum sticks by the right ends and being able to hit the single snare drum available. (At a distance of 25 metres with one eye closed which showed a true drummer’s mentality).

Bought his own drum kit to prove he wasn’t a one hit wonder (get it – single snare drum – one hit wonder – I slay myself sometimes)

Provides a backing beat which is second to none and usually in time with Budgie which is no mean feat.

The time our set takes depends on how much Vimto he's drunk.

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